About Us

Welcome to MeaningInGujarati.com


The MeaningInGujarati.com Website is for the students studying in Gujarati medium institutions wanting to acquire English language skills.


As we are aware that we are in the era of globalisation and English knowledge is a must for those who want to excel in their respective fields. In the backdrop of this reality, keeping the maxim – “Though in the bottom, aim at the top” – before our sight, we have made a humble effort to quench the thirst of young and old alike for learning English through Gujarati and vice versa.


To begin with we have started with simple words, phrases, idioms, full forms of abbreviation, etc. The horizon would surely be expanded at an appropriate time keeping in view the valuable feedback from our beloved users. 


Our team is a worshipper of our mother tongue Gujarati and also a lover of the Queen’s language. We earnestly try to reach the users through this platform. We believe that knowledge should flow like the holy river the Ganges and benefit one and all to take a dip in it.


Be part of a journey with us. Look forward to serving you better in the days ahead. 


Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat !!! Jay Hind!!! Jay Bharat!!! 


Team, MeaningInGujarati.com