Attire Meaning in Gujarati



Type of Attire

noun: attire; plural noun: attires

verb: attire; 3rd person present: attires; past tense: attired; past participle: attired; gerund or present participle: attiring

Definition and Meaning of Attire in Gujarati

પોશાક, પરિધાન, અલંકાર, પોશાક પહેરવો, શણગારવું, પહેરાવવો, અલંકૃત કરવું

Pronunciation of Attire in Gujarati

Attire (અટાયર)

Usage of Attire in a Sentence

    • Guests are requested to wear traditional attire.

    • મહેમાનોને પરંપરાગત પોશાક પહેરવાની વિનંતી કરવામાં આવે છે.

    • He doesn’t want to change his attire.

    • તે પોતાનો પોશાક બદલવા માંગતો નથી.

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Attire meaning in Gujarati | Attire no arth shu che | explained Attire in Gujarati

Synonyms of Attire in Gujarati

noun: clothing, clothes, garments, dress, wear, outfit, turnout, garb, ensemble, costume, array, finery, regalia, wardrobe, accoutrements, trappings, kit, strip, gear, togs, garms, duds, glad rags

verb: dress, clothe, dress up, fit out, robe, array, deck, deck outturn out, trick out, costume, accoutre, drape, swathe, adorn

Antonyms of Attire in Gujarati,

disarray, disrobe, strip, unclothe, undress, untruss

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