X-ray Meaning in Gujarati



Type of X-ray

noun: X-ray; plural noun: X-rays

verb: X-ray; past tense: X-rayed; past participle: X-rayed; 3rd person present: X-rays; gerund or present participle: X-raying

Definition and Meaning of X-ray in Gujarati

“ક્ષ” કિરણ, ક્ષ-કિરણોની મદદથી તપાસવું કે ઉપચાર કરવો

Pronunciation of X-ray in Gujarati

X-ray (એક્સરે)

Usage of X-ray in a Sentence

    • The doctor has suggested x-ray in connection with his lung infection.

    • તેના ફેફસાંના ચેપ અંગે ડૉક્ટરે એક્સરે તપાસ સૂચવી છે.

    • The invention of the x-ray is a blessing to mankind.

    • એક્સરે ની શોધ માનવજાત માટે વરદાન છે.

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X-ray meaning in Gujarati | X-ray no arth shu che | explained X-ray in Gujarati

Synonyms of X-ray in Gujarati

radiogram, radiograph, roentgenogram, angiogram, mammogram

Antonyms of X-ray in Gujarati,

original, decrease, destruction, subtraction

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